Friday, March 13, 2009

What's in a logo?

Though the A-Mach Time Rocket Society is a rather new entity, its members have been space and rocket enthusiasts for quite a while. With that being said, we knew that we needed an appealing, eye-catching logo to start things off right. Our final logo is the result of the work of one Chintan Shah. I sat down with Chintan to discuss the creation of said logo, and here is the conversation that transpired (with some of the original designs in between the questions):Question: What was the main purpose you were trying to capture with the logo?
Chintan: I was trying to make something that was modern, but also simple that would represent us. I knew that good logos are recognized by just a glance (like Nike, or Pepsi, etc.) so I wanted to make something different.
Question: What did you use to make the logo? (programs, etc.)
Chintan: I used mostly Photoshop and some Flash to do the lettering and editing.
Question: Were there earlier versions of the logo that you abandoned? Why?
Chintan: The logo was a work-in-progress for a while and I kept working on it from the beginning. While it did look nice, I kept feeling as if something was missing. When the final draft was made, I really felt it was complete and that it captured what A-Mach was supposed to be about.
Question: Are there any interesting facts you would like to tell us about the logo? Any hidden messages that it is trying to convey?
Chintan: I really like the rocket that crosses the A. The A looks like a mountain, the MACH shows we're climbing new heights, and the rocket shows that we're getting everything going!
There you have it everyone. The history of our logo has finally been revealed, hidden messages and all. Thanks for reading and take care until next time!
A-Mach Time Rocket Society
Launching Towards Tomorrow

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